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​​​Using the CSN Health Claims Website

Using the website you can:

      • Submit your health claims for yourself and other members of your family who are covered by your plan.
      • Check the progress of claims
      • Access your insurance plan information
      • View and update your details

Please bear in mind you will only be able to make claims on the policies under which you are covered and for the cover dates of the policy.

Accessing the Website

In order to access the website you must use the user name and password which we have sent you by separate email. When you first log in you will be asked to change your password and validate your date of birth for security reasons.

Viewing and updating your details

  • It is important that your information which is used by the website is always up-to-date so that we can support your medical insurance requirements, contact you when necessary and provide prompt payment of claims.

  • Please check the information found in the 'My Profile' section. Please check that the information which is shown is accurate and up to date. You may make any necessary changes to the fields which are open and then click on the ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the page.

  • Please ensure that the details for at least one valid bank account are saved in the system. We require this information in order to be able to pay your claims. Until at least one bank account is entered you will not be able to make claims.

  • You will find that you are not able to change information in fields that are greyed out. These fields are controlled by your employer. Please contact your employer directly should you have any concerns regarding the information in these fields.
  • ​ 

  • Your employer has informed us of your level of cover as single, couple or family. You are able to add or remove dependants as necessary up to the number of dependants as notified by your employer.

  • ​​​​​Please ensure all mandatory fields are populated and ‘Update’ any changes you make.

Making Claims

You may claim online for the costs of any treatment, provided they fall within the terms of your insurance plan. Please ensure your claims are made within 30 days of the treatment.

Before you lodge a claim please ensure you have all receipts relating to any treatments claimed for. You will need to scan these receipts and upload them when prompted by the system.

To lodge a claim online please click on the green box marked ‘Health’ and then choose ‘Make a new Claim’ and follow the four steps outlined below.

Step 1

Choose the claimant (i.e. the insured member for whom the claim is being made – this may be you, your spouse/partner and/or one of your dependent children if they are included on the plan) Because each member of your family is set up separately in the system, it is necessary to lodge a separate claim for each different claim for each person. To do this, when you have completed the claim for one person for one condition or illness, including all the treatments you want to claim for, you then have to click Agree and Submit and start the process again by selecting ‘Make a new Claim’ and selecting another family member.

Step 2

Enter the reasons for your claim – that is the condition or illness. Because we need to assess your claims for each condition or type of illness separately it is necessary to enter a new claim for each different illness or condtion for each person. This can be done by going through the entry process, including all the treatments you want to claim for, and then clicking on Agree and Submit and starting again on a new claim.

Follow the on screen prompts to provide all information required that relates to your claim.

Step 3

Add the information specific to each treatment for which you are claiming. Follow the onscreen prompts to provide details of the treatment received. It is necessary to complete all the fields on the web page.


Special Note:

If you wish to claim for several treatments for the same condition and the same claimant , there is no need to enter the whole claim for each treatment you can simply add additional treatments to the same claim by choosing the add treatment option.

Please select the bank account to which you would like your claim to be paid.

Payment of claims, in most cases, will be made in the currency applicable to the country where your nominated bank account is held. For example, if you are based in the UK and have nominated a UK bank account, the claim will be paid in British Pounds. If you nominate an Australian bank account we will pay in Australian Dollars. The exception to this general rule is that we are unable to pay in currencies which are not traded by Australian major banks – e.g. Chinese Yuan.

Once you have entered all of the treatment information you will need to upload scanned copies of your receipts to support the claim for that treatment. In order to upload the copies of your receipts click on the + next to the treatment entry. Next click on ‘Add files’ and find the scanned copy of your document, then click ‘Upload’ and wait for the document to arrive in the treatment box. You may add here as many documents as you have for your claim submission. Clicking on the Bin will remove the document.

Step 4

Please read the section headed ‘Declarations and Authorities’ and then click on ‘Agree and Submit’.

You will not be able to lodge a claim if any of the mandatory fields have not been completed.

Once your claim has been lodged you will receive an email notification of your claim numbers from CSN within 2 working days.

Check the status of claims

To check the status of any claims that you have lodged please go to the 'My Claims' section.

This facility will allow you to monitor the progress of your claims from lodgment to final payment. Details of the treatments claimed for will only be available for claims submitted though the website. Claims submitted by email, fax or mail will not show the details of any treatments claimed for.

Get more information about your benefits

Click on the green box marked Health and choose ‘View the Health Insurance Policy Booklet’. Here you can access more detailed information about your plan.

Web Browsers.

This website will work only with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or later versions, Safari 6 or later and Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which are less than a year old. If you only have earlier versions the website will not function properly.

Getting Help

Should you require any assistance, please contact Corporate Services Network (CSN) on or +61 2 8256 1770

HELPExperiencing issues using the site? Please click here to tell CSN about your problem.